Digital Risk Internal Audit & Assurance 

  • Andrew McPherson, Global GRC and Internal Audit Leader

    Andrew McPherson, Global GRC and Internal Audit Leader

    “Risk functions need the knowledge and skill sets to provide advice on risks, including both business and emerging technology perspectives. Risk functions also need the skills to use digital tools and become more data driven so they can provide insights on risks at the pace and scale the organisation requires

  • Tom Rayner Director, Risk Advisory

    Tom Rayner Director, Risk Advisory

    “The main barriers to creating a comprehensive risk picture are neither technological nor financial but rather organizational, particularly when it comes to risk assurance. The traditional ways in which assurance activities and reporting are organized limit an organization’s visibility into risks and into the effectiveness of its risk management, while creating unnecessary costs and exposures

  • Matt Tottenham,  Anna Hopley

    Matt Tottenham, Anna Hopley

    “Balancing risk and return have always been a core question for companies. But in this new era of transparency, social currency and rapidly changing environments, risk functions need to evolve, be reimagined and be part of the front line

  • Matt Polak Partner, Risk Transformation Leader

    Matt Polak Partner, Risk Transformation Leader

    “Organizations today need to evaluate the impact of the changing risk landscape. External and internal risk management needs are becoming increasingly complex and intrusive, while the demand for more comprehensive, consolidated and real-time risk and compliance information continues to increase. Risk management has become a growing operational and financial burden, limiting its ability to keep pace with business growth and transformational initiatives”

Quality Control Technology

Specialists in Technology lead risk culture transformation

We simplify risk from start to finish, using Lean Six Sigma to re-imagine compliance and risk programs. 

Our aim is to drive a technology lead positive risk culture in our clients organisations, embedding qulity risk behaviours with all staff.


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