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Collectivly the assurance community is progressing towards deeper data driven insights supported by analytics and digital automation within internal audit. Through streamlined data capture and appropriate structuring, QC Technology finally unlocks a digitised Internal Audit capability through an increase efficiency, expansion of coverage and removal of rudimentary sample based testing which is replaced with data driven population testing.

Often hurdles restricting IA functions from adopting digital audit coverage include lack of trained data analytics minds with expansive data transformation capabilities. furthermore due to assurance often being sourced from many systems, locations and processes within an organisation, IA functions are quick to dismiss digisation of audit functions simply because of the lack in quality data.

QC Technology addresses this gap by fundamentally ground up reworking 3 lines of defense with a wholistic digital interconnectivity perspective. For internal audit organizations that intend to exploit the power of Digital IA, three factors will influence the ease of adoption and the quality of outcome: mindset, skillset, and toolset.

By ccentralising fronline assurance and structuring the recorded assurance results in a data minable format, the QC Technology toolset reduces the need to develop specialist data functions within Internal Audit, allowing traditional CPA's to concentrate on their unique value add to an organisation.