Royal Commission

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Latest Royal Commission phase into Insurance demonsstrates a number of extreme possiblities regarding some of the harder to measure (i.e. not dollars and cents) risks.

Here an authorised representative of Freedom Insurance cold calls and selling an insurance plan to a 26 year old individual with a mental illness diagnosis of Down Syndrome. Was this an appropriate product for the customer? Was the behaviour of the agent appropriate, ,is this simply a complete breakdown in risk culture and it's easy to simply blame sales targets and commissions situation?


At QC-Technology we believe, partially, yes but not wholistically. the question of what does Freedom Information's Risk Acceptance Statement and Risk Acceptance Threshold state about misselling needs to be asked.

Is the risk of misselling actually included in the organisations risk management framework? how is it measured or monitored and importantly how is exposure to this risk presented to Freedom Insurance's Management Committees.

Ultimatly, who is the responsbile owner for this risk?

QC-Technology can help through our QC-Three platform as by configuration, this platform bridges the gap between frontline assurance and the underlying risk indicators while also providing insights into assurance coverage,


For deeper digital insights into your owned and delivered risks, perhaps reach out for a demonstration.