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QC Health is the preferred risk and audit tool for over 100 hospitals across Australia.

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No-training interface
Audit Scheduling
PC and Mobile compatable
Self-Managed features



Shared Audit Library
Integrated Incidents
Integrated Issues
Web based Assurance
On Demand Analytics



Microsoft Azure Infrastructure
Secure SQL Servers
Geographically located data
Load Balancing Technologies



Clinical and Non-Clinical
Network wide assurance
Embedded Power BI Analytics
SQL Server Repoting Services
Quality Control technology have been partnering with healthcare providers, working with them to help transform their risk culture. 
By applying an integrated, digitally integrated set of assurance tools we have seen dramatic changes to a risk aware environment where healthcare professionals can explain why they are executing controls and collecting data for clinical audit.
Executives and committees need access to on-demand integrated risk and assurance information across entire healthcare networks to ensure patient care is delivered safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Self Managed Features

Configurable Assurance

QC Health puts you in control of your Clinical and non-Clinical audit / assurance programs. Audit's are endlessly configurable and provide multiple insight perspectives including Outcome, Performance and Risk Indication.


QC Health currently houses over 200 audit's shared across contributing healthcare providers


Audit Scheduling

QC-Health allows quality and assurance managers and risk owners to co-ordinate their audit resources depending on emerging risk indicators, incidents or failed controls


User Management & Role Based Access Controls

QC-Health is supported by a centralised user management platform QC-Identity. QC-Identity enables authorised staff to manage user access and permissions through the QC-Health application

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Population Based Auditing via API's

QC Health continues to deliver audit innovations with it's risk and assurance industry leading solution offering a secure API endpoint for automated audit data submission.


This unique service lifts organisations from sample based auditing where users manually collect and enter data to one where data is automatically submitted from their source systems.


For example, a Hospital PAS may be the touch point for hourly nursing rounds. each patient interaction is digitally registered on the PAS allowing the PAS to send hourly audit data to the QC Health API.


QC Health then automatically processes this as Audit Data lifting the hourly rounds checking from sample based manual processing to population based automated audit processing in real time.


A Doctor and a nurse looking at QC Health on a Microsoft Surface

Incredible Reporting

Integrated Microsoft Power BI data visualisation

QC Health leverages the worlds leading data visualisation service Microsoft Power BI Embedded. Each client utilising this service is presented with Power BI data slices and visualisations enabling on demand interaction with data holistically across their organisation.


Standardised SQL Server Reporting Services

Leveraging MS SSRS, QC Health provides a comprehensive simple to use reporting platform which enables clients to query, report and export Exportable to any format, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF


Custom reporting capability

QC Health is supported by highly experienced data analysts who develop custom reporting solutions for our clients via Microsoft Power BI or Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.


QC Health analytics on a desktop PC and a laptop 

Centralised PDSA improvement

Using the Plan Do Study Act Demming cycle for improvement enables healthcare services to centralise and demonstrate the pro-active steps each organisation has taken to improve the delivery of patient care.

The single source of truth for healthcare delivery improvement reduces investigation, reporting and analytical effort, empowering our clients to simply and efficiently evidence the incremental and progressive improvements their organisations have made come NSQHS accreditation.

The embedded PDCA deming cycle improvement within QC Health

Policy, Procedure and Guidance management

Our QC Docs Policies and Procedures solution allows organisations to create, distribute and track employee acknowledgement and comprehension of key policies, procedures and guidelines. At the same time, it streamlines policy generation and approval, improves collaboration and ensures staff always have access to the most current policy and procedure information. Embedded education module enables organisations to conduct compliance testing and easily gauge users’ comprehension of critical policy documents. QC Docs provides a simple way for organisations to manage policy and procedure from  legislation being changed through to publishing policy and procedure documents; by ensuring all workers have access to the most up‑to‑date versions of required materials and that deadlines for review and acknowledgement are enforced. Information in QC Health being shared over a coffee meeting