QC-Three QC3 vs Enterpise Risk Information Management


  • Device agnostic assurance interface
  • Forward Planned Assurance Schedules
  • On-Demand Assurance Schedules
  • Centralised, endlessly configurable
  • Underlying Risk, Performance & outcome processing


  • Centralised Risk & Control Library
  • Centralised Issue & Incident Management
  • Control Assurance through Automated Testing
  • On demand access Power Business Intelligence dashboards


  • Microsoft Azure Infrastructure including;
  • MS SQL Server, Kubernetes, ASP .Net
  • Designed and Developed in Australia
  • Established Microsoft Partner
  • Global deployment capability


  • Governance & Frontline Assurance risk framework
  • On demand, All of organisation insight
  • Breached risk acceptance automated alerting
  • UI and API based testing enabling human and digital assurance

We believe Risk is only a “trusted advisor” to an organisation, when it is supported with comprehensive, digitally integrated assurance tools

We believe Audit functions can be more efficient and deliver richer insights with greater depth when your organisation is Audit Ready and Regulator Ready every day

We believe Red Flags are opportunities to shape and improve risk and control environments when organisations are supported with integrated improvement frameworks and tools

We believe the Hayne Royal Commission and introduction of Banking Executive Accountability Regime (BEAR) presents the time to re-think and innovate risk

QC3 is a digitally integrated Operational Risk Measurement and Management platform based on a digital three lines of defence (3LOD). QC3 bridges the most extensive frontline assurance platform with 2nd line governance, risk, control and policy management with embedded Risk Treatment through Issues and PDSA Improvement.

Cloud based Enterprise Risk Management and Assurance

Collaborating with over 100 businesses, QC3 has identified Risk Management works best when all staff are involved in the process especially since frontline staff have greater visibility of daily issues that arise before they become incidents

To break down the barriers between effective Risk Management and all areas of the business, QC3 applies a demystified risk language in an intuitive user interface and created an enterprise risk management tool that is suitable and applicable for all levels in an organisation.

The QC3 cloud based enterprise risk management tool drives business value and accountability from owned risks which provide Increased visibility of organizational issues and progressive forward steps in risk culture insight.

Dynamic RBAC Dashboard.png


Embedded Microsoft Power BI reporting dashboards

A Critical challenged faced by all businesses has been the collective time delay and distillation of information throughput. The varying reporting requirements across business risk, control and assurance depth and coverage has proven to be the un-movable object colliding with the unstoppable force of the spreadsheet army.

To Simplify and enhance speed to information access, QC3 provides embedded Microsoft Power BI reporting dashboards which display comprehensive insights into risk, operational performance and control assurance, on-demand across the entire organization easily sliceable via Audit Programs, Organisation Structure, Date and Key Material Risks.

Embedded Microsoft Power BI.png

Demystifying Risk and Control

Executive leadership of the businesses using QC3 unanimously agreed their organisations as a whole had room for improvement when it came to Risk & Control Understanding, Risk Penetration and the ability to collate and analyse Risk Culture insights.

Working with Executive and Risk leadership QC-Technology identified a key contributor to the difficulties in risk understanding and subsequently risk penetration was the complexity of risk language being applied. Risk definitions were convoluted and un-relatable resulting in a lack of risk and control understanding.

To combat this QC3 applies a demystified risk and control framework to ensure risk and control management is relevant, relatable and applicable to every level and function of an organisation.

Relatable Risk Language.png

Governance and Assurance Collaboration

Regulators and governing bodies of large institutional organisations often mandate organisations must include a sufficiently skilled and sized risk function based on the size and complexity of the organization, in addition to applying the three lines of defence risk management structure and accompanying frameworks.

Traditionally this has been left to each organization to define a siloed independent approach to the business operating model across the three lines with each silo throwing issues and responsibility over the fence.

When QC-Technology was asked to re-think risk in a digitally integrated way, we imagined businesses of all sizes and sophistications executing processed with embedded controls, assurance functions testing controls and governance functions demonstrating how collected assurance demonstrates account operating effectiveness.

Through the approach and framework in QC3, Governance functions now collaboratively engage risk and assurance as they help shape the control environment and assurance gathered which they rely on for their automated key control testing.

Red flags raised from risk acceptance threshold breaches now present governance with collaborative opportunities to manage, action and shape their risk and control environment.

Integrated RIsk Governance and Assurance.png

Audit & Regulatory Ready Every Day

Leveraging endlessly configurable assurance frameworks, simplified risk language and a Completeness, Authority, Remedial correction and Segregation of duties (CARS) control framework, QC3 has been built with the flexibility requirements of business and assurance coupled with the frameworks of Internal Audit and regulatory bodies in mind.

The overall effect of the wholistic QC3 design is QC3 enables your organisation to be Audit Ready and Regulator Ready every day.

Embedded Control Framework.png