QC SSRS email push reporting

To create an e-mail subscription

1.    Browse to the QCSSRS URL and enter your provided username and password

2.    Navigate to the desired report.

3.    Right-click the report and select Subscribe.

4.    Description: Type a description for the report subscription, maximum 512 characters.

5.    Owner: The owner field defaults to the current user and cannot be edited when you create the subscription. However, after the subscription is saved, you can change the subscription properties including the owner and description.

6.    Under Type of subscription, select the Standard subscription radio button.

1.    Under the Schedule section, select Report specific schedule.

2.    Select Edit schedule

The Schedule details define when the report will be generated and sent to the email destinations.

IMPORTANT NOTE: QC SSRS is available 7:30 AM though to 10 PM AESDT reports generated outside of these hours will not be triggered or generated



7.    Under Destination, select E-Mail

8.    Under Delivery options (E-Mail), specify:

1.    To: The recipient name in the To: field is self-addressed using your domain user account. Verify the format is [user name]@[domain.com].


To specify multiple e-mail addresses, separate them with a semicolon (;). You can also type additional e-mail addresses in the CcBcc, and Reply-To text boxes. This requires that you have permission to manage all subscriptions.

2.    Subject: Defaults to "@ReportName was executed at @ExecutionTime". You can edit the subject but note that the @ReportName and @ExecutionTime are the only global variables supported in the Subject field.


3.    Include Report: Select this option to embed or attach a copy of the report. The format of the report is determined by the rendering format you select. Do not choose this option if you think the report size will exceed the limit defined for your e-mail system.

4.    Include Link: Select this option to include a URL link to the report in the body of the e-mail message.


If you clear both of these options, only the notification text in the Subject line is sent.

5.    Choose a rendering format from the Render Format list box. This option is available if you select Include Report to embed or attach a copy of the report.

1.    To embed the report in the body of the e-mail message, select MHTML (web archive).

2.    To send the report as an attachment, choose any of the other rendering formats.

6.    Select a priority from the Priority list box. In Microsoft Exchange, this setting sets a flag for the importance level of the e-mail message.

7.    Enter a Comment if desired.

9.    For parameterized reports, specify parameters to use for the report for this subscription. The parameters that you specify can be different from those used to run the report on demand or in other scheduled operations.

To modify a subscription

You can modify a subscription at any time. If you modify a subscription while it is being processed, the updated settings are used if they are saved to the report server before the delivery extension receives the subscription data. Otherwise, the existing settings are used.

A user who creates a subscription owns that subscription. Each user can modify or delete the subscriptions that he or she owns. You can change the owner of the report from the subscription properties page.

To locate a subscription, use the My Subscriptions page or view the subscription definitions that are associated with a report. You cannot search for subscriptions directly, nor can you search for a subscription based on owner name, trigger information, status information, and so forth.

Subscriptions can also be modified or deleted by report server administrators.


A report server administrator cannot manage from one place all the individual subscriptions that are in use on a given report server. However, report server administrators can access each individual subscription to modify or delete it.

To delete a subscription

To delete a subscription:

1.    Browse to the QCSSRS URL and enter your provided username and password

2.    In the web portal, select My Subscriptions on the toolbar and navigate to the subscription you want to modify or delete.

3.    Right-click the report and select Delete.

If you want to end a subscription and you cannot locate the subscription, make a note of the report you are receiving and search for it by name. Once you access the report, you can remove yourself from the subscription. If you cannot locate the subscription, the subscription may be a data-driven subscription. For more information, see your report server administrator.

A subscription is deleted automatically if the underlying report is deleted. If you delete a subscription while it is being processed, the subscription stops if the delete operation occurs before the delivery extension receives subscription data. Otherwise, the subscription continues to be processed.