• Digitally Integrated & Device Agnostic

    Digitally Integrated & Device Agnostic

    QC Technology brings unparalleled digitally enabled interconnectivity between first, second and third lines of defense and is provided on a device agnostic Microsoft Azure cloud platform. QC Technology lifts frontline assurance from spreadsheets, email and share-drives into a fully mobile experience available in all internet connected environments.

  • Connecting you to your information

    Connecting you to your information

    Never print a report again, QC Technology is fully integrated with Microsoft Power BI data visualisation which allows users to access and slice realtime data across all three lines of defence.

  • Enhanced Strategic Value

    Enhanced Strategic Value

    Enterprise Risk Management with end to end digitial integration which improves quality and depth of risk insights delivered to the business.


QC Healthcare bridges NSQHS Standards with Deming Plan, Study, Do, Act. Offering powerful embedded analytics and on demand reporting on any internet enabled device, QC Healthcare enables you to demonstrate utilisation of captured assurance data for organisational improvement.


A digitally integrated three lines of defence (3LOD) application bridging the most extensive frontline assurance platform with 2nd line governance, risk control and policy management with an embedded digitally integrated 3rd line. Digitally centralised 3LOD provides identifiable risk culture insights supported with inbuilt visualisation analytics.


Specifically designed for healthcare implementations for monitoring and managing cleanliness requirements end to end with cleanliness assurance, on demand reporting and spot identified incidents

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Digital Risk Innovators, specialising in improving the intersection of Business Operations and Risk Management

How is your organisation positioned to deliver improvement derived from your collective frontline assurance?

What insights are you able to glean from existing process and control analaysis?

How do you delier your services while understanding the inherent and residual risk landscape of you organisation?

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