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Healthcare environments require assurance of their Cleanliness and Steralisation state

Scheduled and preventative maintenance needs to be centrally managed to minimise operational risk

Cleanliness Auditing

In healthcare, cleanliness and environmental auditing is required to assist in infection control and patient safety.

Scheduled routine cleaning and assurance on the effectiveness of the environmental and cleanliness state provides insight into downstream implications of seterile operational environments

QR Code Audit Access

Speed access to environmental and cleanliness auditing by QR code scanning and launching directly to audits.


QC-Health QR-codes can be created and affixed to locations through our organisation

Forward planned Assurance Schedules

Assurance and audit schedules make different audits available to different staff in different locations of your organisation and can be accessed either on demand or via a scheduled date range.

The audit schedule capability enables the organisation to forward plan cleanliness and preventative maintenance schedules and resources, ensuring both coverage and efficient allocation is executed

Automated push notifications

Always commence cleanliness audits and preventative maintanance with QC-Clean push notifications reminding where staff are required to gather assurance and where.

QC-Clean automated push notifications execute daily to ensure your resources are co-ordinated and are working on the priorities as established by the audit schedule.

Brilliant Reporting via SSRS

QC Clean is supported by Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, accessing data directly from the QC-Clean system enabling on-demand analytics regarding the cleanliness and preventative maintenance programs of your organisation